The 46th Vice President of the United States (2001 to 2009), Richard Bruce Cheney, aka Dick Cheney, was no stranger to the Washington D.C. political machine at the time he entered that office, having previously interned for Wisconsin’s Representative, William A. Steiger (1969), staffed for Donald Rumsfeld in the Office of Economic Opportunity (1969-70), served as the White House Staff Assistant (1971), served as the Assistant Director of the Cost of Living Council (1971-73), and served as the Deputy Assistant to President Gerald Ford (1974-75).

Despite successfully aiming his political career, on February 11, 2006, Mr. Cheney shot one Mr. Harry Whittington while hunting quail, and thereby, demonstrated that he did not know how to aim a shotgun. Or did he? According to the local Sheriff, the shooting occurred on a clear, sunny day, Mr. Whittington was approximately 30 to 40 yards out when he was shot, and the owner of the ranch where the hunt took place stated that all parties were wearing blaze-orange safety vests. Regardless of whether the shooting was an accident or not, be careful when hunting with this Dick, because he may just blow your pecker off.